82 Bayberry Hill Road
West Townsend, MA 01474



The food shopping is June 22, 2024.

Pre-registration is required. Please only register once! You need to hit the “Done” button. You will receive a popup confirmation and you will return to the main TEO website. The deadline to register is June 16 at 5PM.  You can register here.  We always welcome new members to TEO, however, if you have not come to TEO food shopping before, please email TEO at info@teo-ma.org prior to registration. (If you are attempting to register and the date for the prior month is posted, it means registration is not yet open. Please do not email TEO about this issue. If registration is open it is posted here and if you are a TEO member you will receive an email).

On the shopping day, please do not call TEO to see if we are holding the event. If we close it will be posted here and on the TEO Facebook page.

For safety reasons, please wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals) in the shopping area.

The shopping schedule is below.  

Please note that no one will be allowed in the building until 830AM.  Members will be let in alphabetical order so you do not have to come early.  Please be mindful that we have allocated two- and one-half hours for shopping.  We do ask that you move through the aisles as quickly as possible so everyone can shop.  You cannot shop for another person while shopping for yourself, this includes a family member, even if they are a TEO member.  You can have a friend or family member shop for you if you are not able to attend.

If needed, a prepacked box can be provided if someone who is a member can’t make it. 

Please bring your recyclable shopping bags and TEO-issued cooler bag with you. 

Two bags for families of 1-2

Three bags for families of 3-4

Four bags for families 5 or more.

The bags for dry goods/non-perishables do not include your TEO-issued freezer bag or any bags that we provide to be used for fruits, vegetables, or dairy. 

*****Please Note New Shopping Times****

830AM-900AM families with 1 or 2 people last names starting with letters A-G.
900AM-930AM families with 1 or 2 people last names starting with letters G – S.
930AM-945AM Families with 1 or 2 people last names starting T-Z
945PM-1000AM families with 3 or 4 people last name A-K.
1000AM-1015AM families with 3 or 4 people last name L-Z.
1015AM-1030AM families with 5 or more people.

The Clothes Closet will be open 900AM-1130AM on the food shopping day. 

You must be a TEO member to receive the groceries. The process is simple, email info@teo-ma.org to enroll (this is not to register).  Please email your complete address, telephone number, name, and ages of everyone in the household, let us know if anyone is a veteran, and provide your estimated yearly income.  You need to hear back from TEO before registering for the first time. 


Registration is required each month to shop.  Food shopping is the Saturday following the third Thursday of each month. Please note – it is not always the third Saturday. 

Registration is open the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before food shopping. Registration closes automatically at 5PM on that Sunday. 

Unfortunately, if you do not register you are not able to shop, but with notice (before Wednesday at noon on the week of shopping), we can provide a pre-packed box for you to pick up. 

About The TEO:

Townsend Ecumenical Outreach (TEO) is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization established in 1984. Since its inception, TEO has been a part an important part of the Townsend community since 1984.

The TEO purpose is to provide emergency and temporary assistance to Townsend and Ashby community members that are in need of a helping hand.

TEO is able to provide emergency and monthly food distribution and access to its Clothes Closet.

TEO Officers:

  • Kym Craven
  • Anne Marie Gaskins
  • Kelly Kelly
  • Laura Noble
  • Heidi Monroe
  • Stacy Sheldon
  • Dan Shine
  • Sandy Stevens


Funding for the TEO programs is achieved in several ways.

One of the most important funding sources for TEO is the local business community, other non-profit organizations, and many caring individuals from Townsend, Ashby, and the surrounding communities.

To maximize donations, TEO actively works with corporate matching programs and seeks grants from Project Bread, Walk For Hunger, and other initiatives.

Project-based fundraising and resource generation efforts include annual Scouting for Food, penny drive, 50/50 raffle, and similar community-based efforts.


In addition to monetary support, TEO is always seeking volunteers to assist with program development, fundraising, event planning, organizing clothing, filling backpacks, and assisting during distribution.

If you would like to volunteer please contact TEO at info@teo-ma.or at 978-877-6002 adnyou 

Clothes Closet  Hours
Tuesday 930AM-1130AM

Wednesday 500PM-7PM

Saturday 930AM-1130AM  

TEO is an all volunteer run organization. 

You can contact TEO via email at  info@teo-ma.org or phone 978-877-6002.